Dirty Side

The Fastest and Most Reliable Cage Handling System in the World

The Dirty side of the Visron Animal Cage Handling (VACH) system processes soiled cages and their associated components. Systems are customized for unique requirements regarding handling laboratory animal cages, pallets, and accessories in each facility.

We have over 20 years of experience in the industry and have applications in some of America’s leading universities and research facilities. We are known for providing the fastest and most reliable automation in the market—the VACH system, which has two sides: dirty and clean.

How Does VACH System Dirty Side Work?

  • Unloads the Trays From the Cart to the Conveyor
  • Queues the Trays and Cages
  • Empties a Row of Four Cages Into a Hopper
  • Scraps Out the Row
  • Loads the Row Onto the Tunnel Washer

Here are the features:

  • Industry-Leading Operational Speeds up to 700 Standard Cages/Hour
  • Fully Customizable To Handle the Most Challenging Room Sizes and Configurations
  • One Technician Can Handle the Operation of the Entire System
  • 45-60 Min of Queue Time
  • The System Can Be Sprayed With Water