Providing Complete Animal Cage Handling Systems in North America

Visron also sells all essential components and accessories for animal cage handling systems. Check out our products listed below to learn more about their features.


A Visron tray is used to hold and transport stacks of cages. Our standard tray can hold four stacks of 10 cages totaling 40. This product is customizable to most cage sizes and quantities.


A Visron cart is used to transport trays to and from the VACH system and the autoclave process. The standard cart holds 2 trays, 80 cages, 81 covers, and 90 wire racks.


Our dolly is used to transport trays from a cart to a stand that can be placed on the floor. It allows trays to be brought into a room that are too small for a cart.
Our VACH system has won 2 facility of the year awards.